Case Studies

Top 20 global law firm

Context and challenges

A leading international litigation firm with a strong US home base, and regularly awarded in that market.

It has an emerging EMEA hub in London, was active in lateral recruitment, and not yet with the brand and media profile of its US peers, never mind it UK headquartered peered with which it would compete increasingly in this and EU markets.


Position around authoritative comment in its key segments, notably litigation, M&A advisory, and core sectors of oil and gas, capital markets, private equity with opportunity targets in real estate.

Use the London media hub and time zone to originate Super Tier 1 and Tier 1 media coverage (FT, WSJ, Bloomberg, Gulf News, South China Morning Post, Reuters etc).

Agreement of high targets, running at c1x Tier 1 pcm and 1-2 target ‘vertical’ trades pcm.

Positioning as a high partner engagement firm, with a one firm global culture and P&L.

Use of key global spokespeople on geopolitical topics including sanctions, to achieve coverage at the ‘front’ end of the target media, not just business and legal pages.


Annual run rate of 40-60 media hits per annum achieved, a quarter in Tier 1 media outside the UK (or in UK publications etc on non UK subjects, such as in the Financial Times

5 year appointment following annual reviews until agency stood down as part of a corporate restructuring

Shortlisted top 5 EMEA region professional services sector campaign, in the independent Sabre awards.

Director of Communications, and senior London colleagues available for reference upon application.  These will be highly positive and focus on senior media connectivity and value for money.

An early stage fintech logistics supplier

Context and challenges


A 12 year high growth business with ‘start-up’ attributes, and at that point a negligible UK media footprint.

Seeking to secure a nationally significant contract with the UK National Health Service as its lead supplier for SaaS (Software as a Service).

No sector track record



Grow authority around show-casing existing commercial track record for major clients e.g. Asda and Tesco.

Execute key media round with Tier 1 commentators e.g. BBC, Economist, and FT

Leverage funding rounds to indicate quality and durability of the business platform



50+ substantive qualitative print media outcomes, more than matched in digital

Tier 1 hits including FT and Sunday Times, all originated out of London

Virtualstock has secured 5 key hospital groups, including all the leading London teaching hospitals, as testbed clients, in anticipation of the targeted national NHS adoption of them as key partner

Subsequent funding round as shown a 4x growth in their private equity valuation over 18 months

A leading offshore tax jurisdiction

Context and challenges


2014 Cameron names jurisdiction in context of ‘cloak of secrecy’ 

General lack of support across all parties 

APPG inert 

Firehouse predecessor team appointed on a UK strategic comms and media brief 




Regular ministerial visits until 2018 creating media engagement opportunities

Major crisis communications, strategy training, messaging and strategic delivery around the Panama papers (‘Best Crisis Communications Award 2017’ and numerous short-listings).  Premier endorsement of strategy, in the light of results

EU black-listing management communications support, including ‘Economist’ article placement

Serial round-tables and brunches supported

Support liaison with APPG and other groups

Daily media review 

Occasional sector promotion announcement e.g. re fintech



Brexit strategy paper – desk, survey and IP document/6k words 

Active engagement around EU black-listing and de-listing/24/7 drafting cover support and distribution

False alarm around ‘Mauritius Papers’ managed

JMC ministerial visits – media support/November 2019

Publication and launch of Brexit white paper with jurisdiction and international audiences unity